The Carrington 28mm & 44mm

The Carrington 28mm & 44mm

The Forde Cabin 44mm

The Forde Cabin 44mm

The Henley Cabin 28mm & 44mm

Standard window / door style on this model is georgian style

Door size 1880 x 1520mm wide

Height 8w 2190mm -- 2620mm

Height 10w 2190mm -- 2725mm

Height 12w 2190mm -- 2830mm

Height 14w 2190mm -- 2930mm

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10 x 8w Henley 28mm
12 x 8w Henley 28mm
14 x 8w Henley 28mm
10 x 10w Henley 28mm
12 x 10w Henley 28mm
14 x 10w Henley 28mm
14 x 12w Henley 28mm
14 x 14w Henley 28mm
14 x 14w Henley 28mm
10 x 8w Henley 44mm
12 x 8w Henley 44mm
14 x 8w Henley 44mm
10 x 10w Henley 44mm
12 x 10w Henley 44mm
14 x 10w Henley 44mm
14 x 12w Henley 44mm
14 x 14w Henley 44mm
Henley Toughened Glass
Henley Double Glazing
Henley Convert to Full Pane (Toughened)

The Henleyl is a stunning, georgian style log cabin with attractive doors and a beautiful opening window that combines a timeless style with high build and design quality.

The ultra thick, heavyweight 44mm logs ensure excellent strength and long-lasting durability. The robust logs retain heat exceptionally well, so you can enjoy your Log Cabin in all seasons. The specially designed 4-way chamfered notch-joint system provides a reliably tight fit with little room for damp or wind penetration for a highly secure building. The interlocking log system means that the building can be assembled with ease. Heavy-duty, 19mm tongue and groove roof and floorboards further contribute to the sturdy and resilient construction of the Cabin. Woodlands pride themselves on using only the finest quality European softwood from sustainable sources in all of their products.

Georgian style double doors and a joiner made, Georgian style window allow natural light in for a bright and airy building that will beautifully complement any outdoor space. The Persian's extra large and stylish double doors provide easy access to the property and have been fitted with a beautiful brass handle with an integral high security 3-lever lock. The doors open fully to allow you to enjoy the outdoors in comfort and style. The windows and doors have been factory siliconed, internally beaded and professionally draft sealed for a superior finish and to help keep your Cabin warm, dry and cosy. Factory fitted Tanalised heavy-duty floor joists prevents floor level damp penetration and heavy-duty black mineral felt covering provides effective, leak-proof protection from the elements. An attractive, all-round roof overhang offers another level of weather protection.

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