Trellis     (Prices INCLUDE VAT.)

Our Trellis Panels can add an extra touch of relief or contrast to any fencing scheme whether used on their own, or as smaller panels on top of solid fencing panels. Versatile enough to add a degree of privacy to your garden without completely cutting you off from your neighbours, they can also be used to screen off less picturesque areas of the garden such as potting sheds, greenhouses, fuel storage tanks, compost heaps and wheelie bins!

Small Square Trellis Scallop Top

We make our ‘Small Square’ trellis panels from quality treated British timber. They are constructed using 38mm x 16mm battens. The size of the square spaces is approximately 50mm (measured between battens). The picture shows a 6' x 2' high trellis fitted above a 6' x 4' Closeboarded Panel.

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Total (of this product)£
32mm Trellis Panel Clips £0.55 x = £
6' x 6' high £54.55 x = £
6' x 5' high £50.85 x = £
6' x 4' high £45.28 x = £
6' x 3' high £36.02 x = £
6' x 2' high £22.11 x = £
6' x 1'6" high £19.14 x = £
Total (of this product)£

Trellis     (Prices INCLUDE VAT.)

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