Posts and Gravel Boards    (Prices INCLUDE VAT.)

Dramatically extend the life of your timber fence posts with Postsaver. Postsaver sleeves have been preventing ground rot in fence posts since 1994. Saves you money as you will not have to replace your fence posts so often. Quickly & easily applied with a blow torch (see video). Independently tested. Compatible with all normal post installation methods. 100% Effective; millions sold zero reported failures in over 20 years

Concrete Slotted Corner Posts

Concrete Posts: Made from reinforced concrete these items are designed to offer greater durability than timber posts. Two types of post are available: 1) Slotted Posts (95 x 95mm approvmm): These have slots on two opposite sides to take the fence panels. 2) Slotted Corner Posts (125mm x 125mm): These have slots on adjacent sides so that the fence panels can be placed at a right angle to each other.

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Total (of this product)£
2.7m (9ft) 130 x 135mm £50.86 x = £
2.4m (8ft) 130 x 135mm £45.44 x = £
2.1m (7ft) 130 x 135mm £41.80 x = £
1.8m (6ft) 130 x 135mm £37.70 x = £
1.5m (5ft) 130 x 135mm £32.52 x = £
Total (of this product)£

Posts and Gravel Boards    (Prices INCLUDE VAT.)

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