Posts and Gravel Boards    (Prices INCLUDE VAT.)

Dramatically extend the life of your timber fence posts with Postsaver. Postsaver sleeves have been preventing ground rot in fence posts since 1994. Saves you money as you will not have to replace your fence posts so often. Quickly & easily applied with a blow torch (see video). Independently tested. Compatible with all normal post installation methods. 100% Effective; millions sold zero reported failures in over 20 years

Timber Gravel Boards

Wherever possible it is advisable to fit Gravel Boards under your fence panels as this is the most vulnerable part of the fence. We stock concrete and timber gravel boards.

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Total (of this product)£
22mm (thickness) 1.83m (6ft) x 150mm (wide) £3.50 x = £
22mm (thickness) 3.60m (12ft) x 150mm (wide) £6.67 x = £
22mm (thickness) 3.00m (10ft) x 150mm (wide) £5.36 x = £
22mm (thickness) 2.40m (8ft) x 150mm (wide) £4.28 x = £
150mm 50 x 32mm timber cleats £0.37 x = £
Metal Bracket for fixing Gravel Boards to timber posts 150 x 25mm price each £1.76 x = £
Total (of this product)£

Posts and Gravel Boards    (Prices INCLUDE VAT.)

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