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Our current range of fencing panels offers a comprehensive selection of the most popular styles we have supplied over the past 20 years. Our Lapped Panels have always been popular, due in part to their semi-rustic qualities and their ability to blend easily into the urban, suburban or rural garden. In addition, our Closeboarded Panels offer the same qualities but with extra durability built into the bargain!

Closeboarded Panels

We make our Heavy Duty PRESSURE TREATED Closeboarded fencing panels from 22 x 100mm back rails and 22 x 75mm side rails. They are clad with 100mm feather edged boards, and the top edge of the panel is fitted with capping. The images show 1) 6' x 6' Closeboarded panel (front) 2) 6' x 6' Closeboarded Panel (back) 3) 6' x 4' Closeboarded Panel with 6' x 2' Small Square Treliis Above 4) 6' x 4' Closeboarded Panel with 6' x 2' Small Square Scallop Trellis Above. (Trellis Panels and posts are for Illustration purposes and not included in price).

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47mm Fence Panel Clips 0.55 x =
6' x 6'0" high (Heavy Duty) 34.47 x =
6' x 5'6" high (Heavy Duty) 33.43 x =
6' x 5'0" high (Heavy Duty) 32.39 x =
6' x 4'6" high (Heavy Duty) 31.36 x =
6' x 4'0" high (Heavy Duty) 30.32 x =
6' x 3'6" high (Heavy Duty) 29.29 x =
6' x 3'0" high (Heavy Duty) 28.25 x =
Total (of this product)

Fencing Panels    (Prices INCLUDE VAT.)

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