Fencing Panels    (Prices INCLUDE VAT.)

Our current range of fencing panels offers a comprehensive selection of the most popular styles we have supplied over the past 20 years. Our Lapped Panels have always been popular, due in part to their semi-rustic qualities and their ability to blend easily into the urban, suburban or rural garden. In addition, our Closeboarded Panels offer the same qualities but with extra durability built into the bargain!

Contemporary Panels

We supply loose easy edge Battens to construct you own size and deign of contemporary fencing, 5mm Gap 10mm Gap, a combination of 45mm and 95mm wide battens or just one size its up to you. Why not use them to make a bin store or some planters, heavy trellis, clad a wall etc. they have many uses. Pressure Treated in green to UC. Easy edge Contemporary Panels Constructed from 20 x 45mm Battens with approximately 5mm Gap. These panels will fit into slotted concrete posts to form a very strong fence. They can also be used above fencing panels as an alternative to trellis.

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3.9m long 20 x 45mm with easy edge. (Individual Slats) 4.14 x =
3.9m long 20 x 95mm with easy edge. (Individual Slats) 8.28 x =
6ft x 6ft high Panels 108.00 x =
6ft x 5ft high Panels 90.00 x =
6ft x 4ft high Panels 72.00 x =
6ft x 3ft high Panels 54.00 x =
6ft x 2ft high Panels 38.40 x =
6ft x 1ft high Panels 19.20 x =
Total (of this product)

Fencing Panels    (Prices INCLUDE VAT.)

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