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This is the strongest and most versatile variety of timber fencing that we produce. It is completely constructed on site and is therefore perfectly suited to sloping land where the fence can be erected to follow the contours of the ground. Correctly installed and properly maintained, a Closeboarded Fence will outlast any other type of timber fencing. Matching Closeboarded Gates are also available.

For the best results we recommend that our Closeboarded fencing is erected using Concrete Posts and Concrete Gravel Boards. These will help to prolong the life of the fence as well as providing additional strength to the structure. The addition of Cant Rail & Capping helps to protect the top edges of the Feather Edged Boards from the worst effects of rain.


[B] Timber Posts 100mm x 50mm

100mm x 50mm posts made from quality pressure treated British timber. These items can be fitted to a wall to start a run of fencing, or fitted between concrete posts to hang a gate from. These are just two of many possible uses for these half posts. W

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Total (of this product)
3.00m (10ft) 7.62 x =
3.00m (10ft) - Mortised 10.02 x =
2.40m (8ft) 6.09 x =
2.40m (8ft) - Mortised 8.49 x =
2.10m (7ft) 5.31 x =
2.10m (7ft) - Mortised 7.71 x =
1.80m (6ft) 4.58 x =
1.80m (6ft) - Mortised 6.98 x =
1.50m (5ft) 3.84 x =
1.50m (5ft) - Mortised 6.24 x =
1.20m (4ft) 3.05 x =
1.20m (4ft) - Mortised 5.45 x =
0.90m (3ft) 2.29 x =
0.90m (3ft) - Mortised 4.69 x =
Total (of this product)

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